How do I know I know God?




“How do you know you know God?” is the challenge – “can you prove it?” This  and  many other questions are posed as the discussion between two people continues throughout this entire book. In the first part of the discussion the subject is whether it is actually possible to have a relationship with God – “God with us? So you are saying that because God wanted to have a relationship with us he came down to earth to be with us?” The second section then goes into specific detail about the author’s personal relationship with God – “Relationships are not always easy and when God challenges me it is not comfortable but it is necessary.”

Each chapter starts with part of the conversation and then proceeds to explain the subject under discussion in more detail. A wide range of subjects are covered in the first part in order to show that God has done everything necessary so that we can have a personal relationship with him. The questions which arise in the continuing discussion are all based on the author’s personal experience – the book includes many questions she has asked herself and questions she has been asked by others. The message is clear that it is possible for you to know God because he has done everything necessary for this and shown beyond any doubt how much he loves you.

The book is based firmly on the Bible and the author writes in such a way as to provoke interest and to simplify what some might see as a complicated matter – that of knowing God. If it is possible for me, then it is possible for you, is the message of her book. 

The book would be invaluable for you if you claim to be a Christian but are not sure whether you do have a personal relationship with God. It would also be helpful for those who have no faith and yet are intrigued by those who do. Those who belong to other religions may also find it interesting.

Churches could find it useful in outreach work and Christians who know God may find it useful in discussions with their non-Christian friends, many of whom may well have asked them this very question – ‘How do you know you know God?’

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