One More For The Kingdom?


What is the Kingdom of God, and where do we find it? Mansheart is on a journey to find this Kingdom. But he has a cunning enemy. At first, he is not even aware he is on a journey, nor does he realise he has an enemy. As he travels Mansheart is tricked in various ways by two fiends, who have one objective – to prevent Mansheart entering the Kingdom. 
As with her best selling ‘How do I know?’ series, the author begins each chapter with a conversation. But this time, it is a conversation between fiends – not friends. Following each conversation, we read about Mansheart’s journey which could easily apply to any one of us. One suspects the author writes from experience! Will Mansheart be deceived by the many tricks and lies he meets along the way? Will he reach the Kingdom? And if he does will it be anything like he imagined or something very different?
If you find the Christian life difficult and wonder why, or if you have questions about the Kingdom of God, then this book is for you!
The book received a five star rating with Readers' Favorite and the final comment from the reviewer was this, "The book features historical and biblical references presented in a way that provokes readers' thinking and sets their hearts on fire. The book combines heartwarming stories, biblical verses, and allegories to weave a spiritual message that is as relevant to our time as it is eye-opening. One More for the Kingdom? is a must-read for anyone who wants to take their spiritual life seriously."

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